Dance Installation & Interactive Performance

Borderless is an exploration of unconscious interactions among strangers. The piece examines the way we shape and are shaped by our surroundings, creating invisible movement within society's social fabric. Borderless tests the idea that by recreating unconscious interactions within a tactile and visible medium, we can unveil nuances in social behavior and response.

The experience takes place in two large, edgeless pools filled with viscous liquid. Dancers are submerged in the pools, invisible to the viewer. They slowly emerge from the liquid, revealing distinct parts of the body. Where one starts and the other ends is unknowable, even to the dancers themselves. Each dancer's movements reverberate through the viscous fluid and influence the others. Their proximity and intensity of the action will be felt throughout the pool, at times they will even be close enough to touch.


Current Exhibition


The video images will be projected onto black cloth suspended in the space. The figures will seem to levitate in the air as they navigate around one another. The image will bleed onto several layers of folded cloth suspended behind, furthering the intrusion into our space and bringing the waves of the water into our reality.



The soundscape will evolve based on the activity within the space. High activity and a large number of people will trigger a dissonant space, low activity and a small number of people will cause aural sparseness, and a completely empty room will be silent. The environment will abstract the activity of everyday spaces - being both familiar and alien.



Direction & Production

D. Schmüdde & Kim Burgas


Constance & Eric